Eine Karte, mit Markierungen der PopePoppa Kitas in der Stadt Bern.

Our three pop e poppa daycare centres in the city of Bern are centrally located in Länggasse, Fischermätteli, as well as the bilingual daycare centre in the green neighbourhood of Wittigkofen in Murifeld.

All pop e poppa daycare centres in Bern offer space for movement, but also opportunities for retreat. The rooms are child-friendly and the range of materials, books and games is constantly changing. In addition, our locations are perfectly accessible by public transport and bicycle and were again awarded the Eco-Friendly certificate in 2022.

Free play plays an important role. Through free play, even the youngest children acquire knowledge about their environment. In addition, we take into account the children’s respective stage of development and support them in their educational and development processes with the help of the five pop e poppa quality impulses.

Our pop e poppa münchenbuchsee zollikofen spieloase daycare center has been awarded the QualiKita quality label. Certified daycare centers focus on the development of the children and continuously develop as an organization and team.

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Healthy, varied and tasty – our partner menuandmore provides a balanced diet for children in our daycare centres every day. menuandmore has received several awards for its child-friendly menus.

In addition to balanced nutrition, we actively support the children in the learning process of eating and inform them about food and food production.

Regular excursions to zoos, museums or farms are complemented by our movement rooms, where the children gain confidence in their own motor and physical abilities.

The daycare centres in the city of Bern spend every day outdoors and visit various playgrounds throughout the city or go on excursions to farms, the Dälhölzli, the Gurten or the Rosengarten.

In the canton of Bern, childcare vouchers are used to reduce the cost of childcare. The amount of the voucher depends on income, assets and family size. You can apply for vouchers electronically on kiBon. All pop e poppa daycare centres in Bern accept childcare vouchers. We deduct the voucher amount directly from your monthly bill.

Calculate your childcare voucher for your pop e poppa daycare centre in the canton of Bern here.

The daycare centres are guided by the guidelines for early childhood education, care and upbringing of the Swiss UNESCO Commission and the Swiss Childcare Network. Each daycare centre in Bern develops its own pedagogical concept according to the pop e poppa mission statement and our motto “the joy of growing together”.

The pop e poppa les gardénias daycare centre is the only French- and German-speaking childcare facility in Bern. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the cantonal French-language school (ECLF) in the quiet, car-free neighbourhood of Wittigkofen in Murifeld and is surrounded by playgrounds

Montessori - pedagogy

Montessori pedagogy - Now new in the city of Bern
Montessori-Pedagogy by pop e poppa

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