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Daycare centre in Vaulruz vaulruz

Opening hours

Monday - Friday

06:30 am - 06:00 pm

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With the registration on the waiting list for a daycare place, we have all the necessary data to be able to take your child into account in the planning. Registration takes a maximum of 10 minutes and you will then receive confirmation by e-mail. As soon as the daycare has a free place for your child, the daycare manager will contact you.

Presentation of the daycare centre

In our daycare centres the child is regarded as a player in his/her development in conjunction with the nearby natural environment. Respect for the individual and nature, pleasure, sharing and learning by experimentation and discovery are key values.

We offer each child the opportunity to discover the joy of communal living while at the same time experiencing an untroubled separation from his/her family environment. The educational team supports the child on the road to independence while respecting his/her individual pace and providing a framework in which the child feels secure.

To best meet the child’s needs, the facility welcomes children with a range of ages, which means that there are children with a variety of ages within a small group. This type of grouping enables them to develop richer social aptitudes, a better quality of play and greater concentration.

Having a variety of ages is particularly beneficial for the younger ones, who develop various forms of learning such as observation and imitation. It is also very positive for the older ones in that they develop protective and attentive aptitudes with respect to the younger ones.

A forest sofa is regularly organized to allow children to discover nature.

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