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To ensure the sustainability of our planet and the survival of future generations, a balance must be maintained between people, money and nature. Sustainability is an integral part of pop e poppa’s mission and is integrated into the pedagogical concept of each daycare centre. Our commitment to sustainability includes a policy, an internal assessment and the eco-friendly label.

Our commitment to sustainability is divided into four pillars:

  • An  educational approach that makes children sensitive to respect for nature.
  • Teams who are oriented in their everyday actions towards behaving as an eco-citizen.
  • Selecting local suppliers who are respectful of the environment.
  • Infrastructure that promotes sustainable development

eco-friendly label

In order to obtain the eco-friendly label, our daycare centres must meet certain conditions in line with our policy. Each year, the daycare centres are evaluated to see if they meet the conditions.

80% of the evaluation points must be achieved to obtain the label. The decision whether or not to award the label to a daycare centre is taken by the labelling committee.

our green activities