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become a leader: support the children of today to become the responsible citizens of tomorrow

Our daycare centres (free market, subsidised, public-private partnerships, etc.) offer an environment that subscribes to the humanist tradition developed by J.-J. Rousseau: teaching “where the child takes part fully in the instruction process” and which prepares them for life within society. This deploys sensitive, intuitive and active methodologies.

Today, the latest discoveries made in neuroscience recommend a new way of looking at children. We already have proof of this: having an empathetic attitude, calming children and helping them express their emotions and assimilate a love of learning. This encourages better neuronal development and thereby enables greater brain plasticity. The teams in the pop e poppa daycare centres are trained according to these new insights.

Finally, as a leader, our ambition is to maintain solid and lasting relationships with the policy-making authorities in order to promote the development of daycare centres and promote our vocation.

More than ever, the time has come to initiate a process of reflection at the national level in Switzerland, in order to create the optimum conditions for the evolution of the daycare sector. The future of children and our society are central to this approach.

our mission

The child and his/her family are at the centre of our thoughts and deeds

We respect each child as a fully-fledged individual. We regard him/her as the main player in his/her own development and focus all our efforts on creating a secure and stimulating environment. We listen and attend to the child, paying particular regard to parents’ expectations.

We provide a framework centred on the person

We create a pleasant, attractive and versatile framework that emphasises our employees’ diversity and skills. We set great store on clear, respectful and open exchange and communication. We are driven by a desire for continuous improvement.

We provide optimal solutions

We provide our partners with concrete solutions suited to their needs. We ensure the effectiveness of the service’s cost/quality ratio while observing the provisions in force.

We are committed to sustainable development

Labelled an eco-responsible facility, we support sustainable development and our education respects the child and nature so that each child can become a responsible citizen.

at pop e poppa, we reinvent the world of daycare

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