pop e poppa: the joy of growing together

At pop e poppa, we constantly anticipate and adapt to the needs of families today. Our key words are innovation and flexibility. Our main theme involves remaining at the forefront of education and living ecologically every day.

Created almost 20 years ago, pop e poppa is the largest daycare centre network in Switzerland. We are continuing to develop in order to expand the vast range of solutions offered to companies and local communities. Today, there are 52 self-directed facilities across the 9 Swiss cantons, and these look after 2,000 young adults in the making – in crèches, daycare centres and kindergartens.

Experiencing, creating, singing, playing, and learning to share and live together. There are many valuable elements to learn from childhood. pop e poppa offers high-quality education, activities and services – such as living ecologically and a balanced diet – to support the development of the children. Experts in their field, our childhood professionals play a vital role. Representing a quarter of the workforce, they are continuously trained to the latest educational standards.

pop e poppa follows the education policy for training, daycare centres and early years education in Switzerland set out by the Swiss Commission of UNESCO and the Swiss network for childcare centres. Each daycare centre develops its own educational concept according to the guiding principles of pop e poppa, and in line with our motto: the joy of growing together.

our mission

The child and his/her family are at the centre of our thoughts and deeds

We respect each child as a fully-fledged individual. We regard him/her as the main player in his/her own development and focus all our efforts on creating a secure and stimulating environment. We listen and attend to the child, paying particular regard to parents’ expectations.

We provide a framework centred on the person

We create a pleasant, attractive and versatile framework that emphasises our employees’ diversity and skills. We set great store on clear, respectful and open exchange and communication. We are driven by a desire for continuous improvement.

We provide optimal solutions

We provide our partners with concrete solutions suited to their needs. We ensure the effectiveness of the service’s cost/quality ratio while observing the provisions in force.

We are committed to sustainable development

Labelled an eco-responsible facility, we support sustainable development and our education respects the child and nature so that each child can become a responsible citizen.

at pop e poppa, we grow together

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