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new opening premium kita allegra

The new premium daycare centre Allegra in the heart of Zurich, in Beckenhof in district 6, opens its doors on September 8th. From July to August, the daycare centre is being renovated and, thanks to the unique room concept, offers the children the opportunity to freely develop and discover their individual needs and interests.

What does premium mean: high-quality care for your child and maximum flexibility for you – book the care days as required and reschedule them weekly. With the digital parent service, this can also be done easily online.

Discover our new premium daycare centre!

pop e poppa introduces itself

The daycare network “pop e poppa” was founded in 2003 and is today the largest Swiss network in childcare. It offers daycare centers, nurseries and childcare units from Geneva to Schaffhausen, actively supporting the compatibility of work & family.

In 2003, the company amalthée was founded by Frédéric Baudin and Frédéric Chave, which laid the foundation for the pop e poppa daycare network. In 2008, the first own daycare center was launched and since then it has grown steadily and now includes more than 60 daycare centers throughout Switzerland.

Pop e poppa follows the education policy for training, daycare centres and early years education in Switzerland set out by the Swiss Comission of UNESCO and the Swiss network for childcare centres.

Based on this foundation as well as our mission statement, each pop e poppa daycare center has developed his own pedagogical concept – adaptetd to local conditions. All pop e poppa daycare centers take account of the relative stage of development of the children and support them in their educational and developmental process with the help of the five pop e poppa quality impulses.

Today, pop e poppa advocate proactive and solution-oriented for children, parents, employees and, with the familizy brand, also for individual, employer-supported solutions for the compatibility of work and family.

our missions

  • child and family are at the center of our considerations and actions.
  • we create a humane working environment and provide career prospects.
  • our partners benefit from concrete, customized solutions.
  • with the "eco-friendly" label, we are committed to sustainable action.

montessori education

According to Maria Montessori's "Help me to do it by myself" principle, children are free to move around and perform tasks on their own, according to their abilities and knowledge, that adults would normally do for them.
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