daycare centre in cologny les jardins de la gradelle

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With the registration on the waiting list for a daycare place, we have all the necessary data to be able to take your child into account in the planning. Registration takes a maximum of 10 minutes and you will then receive confirmation by e-mail. As soon as the daycare has a free place for your child, the daycare manager will contact you.

Access priority

Priority is given to families in the municipality of Cologny

presentation of the daycare centre

Since October 2020, the daycare centre les jardins de la gradelle will offer 25 places for children from 4 months to 4 years old.

In Cologny, it is ideally located, close to public transport, the countryside and the city. The rooms are new and have been adapted to the comfort and well-being of the child. In a pleasant, wooded setting, the children will be welcomed by a new pedagogical team. Benevolence, kindness and empathy will be the key words in this place where the pleasure of discovery and serenity will be emphasized.

In les jardins de la gradelle, the child will be at the centre of his discoveries and will remain an actor of his development. Therefore, he will be able to evolve at his own pace while being accompanied and guided by professionals.

Léa Nivon
Passionate about the evolution and intelligence of children, Léa very quickly knew that she wanted to work with them and especially for them. After a few years of searching for her ideal career, she began training as a young children's educator. She was an educator for 5 years, then held a position as assistant manager at the la louchette daycare centre in Cologny for 4 years. For almost a year and a half, she has been working on the project of this new daycare centre and strives to make it the most pleasant and suitable for our young public. Naturally, she wanted to evolve and thus take up the challenge of being the manager of les jardins de la gradelle.

The joy of growing up

A well-made head

Neuroscience studies tell us that an empathetic attitude promotes better neural development.

I feel like…

Free-access play means giving free rein to the imagination and spontaneous movements of a child.

The joy of playing

"Playing is a child's work, it's their job, it's their life". This is not only amusing, it's crucial.

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