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daycare centre in Chêne-Bougeries jean-jacques rigaud

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Registration at the Bureau de la Petite Enfance (BuPE), Route du Vallon 6bis (next to the Registry Office building) at 1224 Chêne-Bougeries T: 022 869 17 89 – –

Access priority

Daycare centre reserved as a priority for inhabitants of Chêne-Bougeries

presentation of the daycare centre

The daycare centre pop e poppa jean-jacques rigaud offers children and their families a safe and cosmopolitan environment. The facility’s garden, which includes a little orchard, provides children with ample opportunity for physical activities.

Two among the three children’s groups are mixed-age, promoting independence, learning through imitation, respect and courtesy towards others.

It is our aim to support the children in their development and give them space to explore and make their own experiences. Throughout this process, we monitor the children’s general development and take their personal needs into account.

Sandrine Ballet
Sandrine has been daycare center manager for over 14 years and has been working at the daycare center pop e poppa jean-jacques rigaud since its opening in January 2018. She holds a certificate of trainer in the early childhood sector. During 3 years, she has been in charge of a children's department.

The joy of growing up

A well-made head

Neuroscience studies tell us that an empathetic attitude promotes better neural development.

I want to…

Free-access play means giving free rein to the imagination and spontaneous movements for a child actor of his day.

Just like at home

Multi-ageing: with young and old in the same group, we observe a positive group

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