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Daycare centre l’île aux mômes – Vésenaz 1 Anières - Collonge-Bellerive - Corsier - Hermance

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With the registration on the waiting list for a daycare place, we have all the necessary data to be able to take your child into account in the planning. Registration takes a maximum of 10 minutes and you will then receive confirmation by e-mail. As soon as the daycare has a free place for your child, the daycare manager will contact you.

Access priority

Daycare centre reserved in priority for the inhabitants of Anières, Collogne-Bellerive, Corsier and Hermance

presentation of the daycare centre

L’île aux mômes pop e poppa intercommunal crèche situated in Vésenaz benefits from a public/private partnership with the intercommunal grouping of the communes of Anières, Collonge-Bellerive, Corsier and Hermance.

The main founding values of the educational project are respect, enjoyment, independence, confidence, sharing and freedom. Based on these values, we provide you with educational guidelines that promote children’s overall development and active learning.

To best meet the child’s needs, the facility welcomes children with a range of ages, which means that there are children with a variety of ages within a small group. This type of grouping enables them to develop richer social aptitudes, a better quality of play and greater concentration.

Having a variety of ages is particularly beneficial for the younger ones, who develop various forms of learning such as observation and imitation. It is also very positive for the older ones in that they develop protective and attentive aptitudes with respect to the younger ones.

Carin Sprecher Schmid
Carin has been working in the field of early childhood for 15 years, 7 of them as a director. In addition to training as an early childhood educator, she is also a practitioner in neuro-linguistic programming. Her many experiences outside the early childhood field allow her to enrich her daily work with the team, families and children.

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