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Daycare centre les bottines nyon Les bot'tines

Opening hours

Monday - Friday

07:00 am - 07.00 pm

Bus stop : Chemin Valmont (Lines 801-802) - to Terre-Bonne

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The opening of the “Bot’Tines” daycare centre is scheduled for 15 August 2022. All places are subsidised by the City of Nyon and are submitted to the priority conditions and pricing policy of the Nyon Childcare Network. Interested parents can register their child(ren) on the waiting list via the network portal ( and select the “Bot’Tines” crèche.

presentation of the daycare centre

Les Bot’Tines daycare centre is located in Nyon’s first eco-district as part of a sustainable construction project launched by the Municipality of Nyon and carried out by the Coopérative de l’habitat associatif (Codha). This new daycare centre, which is bright, functional and playful, will also have the eco-friendly label. The entire team will be committed to supporting the children in a caring manner so that they become the eco-responsible citizens of tomorrow!

This daycare centre, subsidised by the town of Nyon, is exclusively reserved for people who meet the conditions set by the Réseau Nyonnais.

Julie Duc
After a successful experience as an educator, Julie has been a daycare center manager since 2001. After training as an educator, she completed a bachelor's degree in educational sciences and is a specialist in practice analysis. As a supervisor, she is also an educational consultant and supports families in their day-to-day educational questions or difficulties.

the joy of growing up

a good mind

Studies on neuroscience teach us that an empathetic attitude encourages better neuronal development.

i feel like…

Free-access play means giving free rein to the imagination and spontaneous movements of a child.

the joy of playing

“Play is the work, vocation and life of the child”. It is not only fun, but it is essential too.

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