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kindergarten in Bellevue Les Ticoquins

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With the registration on the waiting list for a daycare place, we have all the necessary data to be able to take your child into account in the planning. Registration takes a maximum of 10 minutes and you will then receive confirmation by e-mail. As soon as the daycare has a free place for your child, the daycare manager will contact you.

presentation of the daycare centre

Les Ticoquins kindergarten works on the principle of solidarity and exchange, which means that a parent wishing to place her/her child must, as far as possible, invest his/her time. As a result of its modus operandi, the daycare centre enables its children to discover a friendly, fun place to grow and blossom, and their parents to be stakeholders in their children’s education and to forge links with other parents.

Les Ticoquins facility is a place where a variety of games and experiences lead the child towards a gradual degree of autonomy and help him/her become aware of his/her potentialities. The educational approach used aims to assist the child in his/her development while at the same time respecting his/her pace.

Les Ticoquins is a childcare facility subsidised by the commune of Bellevue and whose running has been entrusted to pop e poppa from the start of the 2016–2017 school year.

Nadia Zayan
A teacher by training, Nadia took advantage of her years as a stay-at-home mother to discover the world of early childhood development and childcare. She worked there as a volunteer for about ten years before choosing to dedicate herself fully to the task thanks to a diploma as an early childhood educator. She has been the manager of the les ticoquins daycare centre since August 2016. In addition to these skills, Nadia is also the mother of four children, holds a black belt in judo and is trilingual.

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Jardin d'Enfants Bellevue
Jardin d_enfants Les Ticoquins Bellevue
Jardin d'enfants de Bellevue

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