educationOur mission statement for high-quality childcare

Our mission is to provide our employees with guidance ensuring that the child and his/her family enjoy care of the highest quality.

The child and his/her family are at the centre of our thoughts and deeds
We respect each child as a fully-fledged individual. We regard him/her as the main player in his/her own development and focus all our efforts on creating a secure and stimulating environment. We listen and attend to the child, paying particular regard to parents’ expectations.

We provide a framework centred on the person
We create a pleasant, attractive and versatile framework that emphasises our employees’ diversity and skills. We set great store on clear, respectful and open exchange and communication. We are driven by a desire for continuous improvement.

We provide optimal solutions 
We provide our partners with concrete solutions suited to their needs. We ensure the effectiveness of the service’s cost/quality ratio while observing the provisions in force.

We are committed to sustainable development
Labelled an eco-responsible facility, we support sustainable development and our education respects the child and nature so that each child can become a responsible citizen.