romande énergie

The pop e poppa romande énergie daycare centre offers children age-appropriate activities in a secure setting.
The child is regarded as a player in his/her development in conjunction with the nearby natural environment. Respect for the individual and nature, pleasure, sharing and learning by experimentation and discovery are key values.
The educational orientation is adapted to the needs of the children and the expectations of their families. Cooperation with the parents is of vital importance here.
The day nursery has a large private garden. The children can play, watch and experiment there peacefully and safely.
This pop e poppa daycare centre is a member of the Morges-Aubonne childcare network. The company Romande Energie SA subsidies daycare centre places for the children of employees.


pop e poppa romande énergie
association pop e poppa
Ch. Benjamin Jaïn 3, 1110 Morges
tel. 021 552 01 61
Contact by email

Contact person

Ms Marie Dubath, manager

Public transport
bus 701, (Parc de Vertou stop), bus 702 (Gracieuse stop), RER S4 (Morges St-Jean stop)


Childcare priority
This facility is primarily reserved for the parents of Romande Energie and parents affiliated to the AJEMA network.
Number of places
From the end of maternity leave to starting primary school.
Registration procedure
The parent must first have made a pre-registration application to the information office of the AJEMA network (available from
7 am to 6.30 pm