You entrust your child to professionals.
We receive you with respect and consideration in our children’s living spaces. Our teams are child professionals who are actively involved and follow regular training programmes to ensure high-quality childcare.

 The joy of growing together

With creative workshops, play areas, quiet corners and discovery workshops, our children’s living spaces really are places for living and awakening. Your child will be able to discover, experiment, sing, play, listen, share… and develop his/her skills in a fun way. He/she will be assisted and supported by attentive, available and benevolent child professionals.
In our children’s living spaces, we follow the spirit of the policy framework for the care and education of young children of the Swiss Commission for UNESCO.

 Register my child

To register your child, we invite you to complete the registration form after you have chosen the children’s living space that best meets your expectations.
List of our children’s living spaces

in brief Parents overwhelmingly endorse the educational approach of the pop e poppa daycare centres

‘My son loves the crafts and the kitchen workshop. The educational team is excellent, highly professional, they listen to us and to the needs of the children,’ said a mother at the pop e poppa romande énergie facility… children enjoy plenty of group games and different activities, in terms both of play and of creativity and socialisation. So the children are prepared for what follows: starting school! To find out more… (source: Romande Energie internal magazine, 2013).