la marelle (kindergarten)

The daycare centre pop e poppa la louchette and the kindergarten pop e poppa la marelle are ideally located between the lake, the hill, the countryside and the town. We offer children the opportunity to participate in their own development by experimenting with their different senses.
By evolving within a group of children they can discover new materials and sensations during the short and varied times of being awake, while being assured of a safe and welcoming environment.
The children develop confidence in the world around them through stable relationships. They mix with others and enjoy new social experiences that enable them to find their place within the group in a harmonious way.


pop e poppa la marelle
association pop e poppa
Route Martin-Bodmer 4, 1223 Cologny
tel. 022 552 03 75
Contact by email
Contact person
Ms Nathalie Ageron-Blanc, manager
Public transport
bus no 33, Croisée de Cologny stop


Childcare priority
Kindergarten reserved primarily for inhabitants of Cologny.
Number of places
From 24 months to starting primary school.
Monday to Friday, 8 am to 12 o'clock.
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 1.30 pm to 5.30 pm.

Registration procedure
To register a child please contact the facility.


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Are you just about to go shopping and you would like to know what is on the menu at the daycare centre during the week? Would you like to share photos of your child with a family member or simply find out a little more about the children's last visit to a museum?

At pop e poppa you obtain easy and secure access to a free app, which lets you receive important messages and follow the adventures of your child in picture form.

It is comforting to know that your child is having a lovely day. We therefore share the most important moments of their life in the daycare centre with you in a vivid and direct way.

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You may well ask yourself one of the following questions: how much screen time is reasonable for young children? What is the optimum nutrition for my child? Should you just let your baby cry? Should boundaries be set for young children? What do I do if my child does not want to go to sleep? Etc.

At pop e poppa you receive regular invitations to workshops and talks on topics related to young children by renowned specialists from the fields of education, parenting, health, nutrition and neuroscience.

We know it is not always easy being a parent. We therefore want to support you and encourage you in your role as parents together with our experts.

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