The well-established pop e poppa aigle daycare centre is located in the multicultural residential suburb of Aigle. Painted in bright cheery colours, the premises offer children and their families a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Our pedagogic approach is based on the following values and believes:
  • Openness and originality
  • Treating oneself, the others and the environment with respect
  • Solidarity and helpfulness, even among the youngest of our charges
  • Confidence in the children’s ability to determine their own development
  • Conviction that close cooperation with the families provides security for children, families and staff alike
Our team of multicultural, creative and highly motivated young childcare professionals works closely with the families to establish a solid foundation of trust. We value the children’s learning outcomes and help them broaden their horizon through play. The centre provides a wide range of sensory, motoric and cultural experiences as well as workshops offering crafts, cooking, gardening and hands-on recycling activities.

This daycare centre is fully integrated into the Enfants Chablais network and collaborates actively with the other facilities in the network to find childcare solutions for parents seeking the best possible balance between professional and family life.


pop e poppa aigle
association pop e poppa
Chemin de la Planchette 17
1860 Aigle
T: 024 466 30 06
Contact by email

Contact person

Ms Nathalie Marcoz, manager


Childcare priority
The facility gives priority to parents from the Enfants Chablais network. Parents domiciled in this network or whose employer is part of it may benefit from subsidised rates. Other parents can place their children in the facility at the ‘non-network’ rate.

Number of places

From the end of maternity leave to starting primary school.

From 6.45 am to 6.30 pm