Childcare solutions for your employees
80% of companies perceived as being the best employers provide their employees with a childcare solution. We provide you with the solution so that you can become one of them.

 Reserve places

In our daycare centres, we reserve places for your employees’ children
We offer you a simple, quick, low-investment solution so that you can become an attractive employer. Your company’s parents will have priority access to the crèches in the pop e poppa network. With each family we prepare a childcare programme suited to their child and his/her situation.

 Create your daycare centre

We can also create and run your own company facility
The company facility is an excellent way to become an attractive employer and gain your employees’ loyalty. We offer you the opportunity to fully outsource your plan for a company daycare centre in four stages: research, creation, running and finally quality control.
We observe high standards of quality and the eco-responsible facility charter.

 Our clients

We leave you to discover what our partners say about pop e poppa facilities

Romande Energie ‘The Romande Energie pop e poppa crèche comes within the Romande Energie human resources policy: to be positioned as an employer of choice. In this context, we strive in particular to provide attractive conditions of employment and to address current concerns by helping employees balance private life and professional life. The team of pop e poppa professionals makes every effort to promote the harmonious development of children while at the same time listening to the needs of families.’ – Romande Energie press release, May 2012.

in brief why provide a childcare solution

  • strong demand from parents, with the need estimated at 50,000 places.
  • the rate of rotation and absenteeism falls to 50% within companies.
  • a return on investment of 8% of funds invested for a better balance between professional life and family life.
  • To promote gender equality in the workplace: a third of women leave their company after their first child is born.