clientsProfessional childcare in your commune

Entrust the running of your childcare facility to pop e poppa
Under a subsidisation agreement that meets the financial expectations of your commune, we free you from having to satisfy all the requirements associated with childcare issues.

You define the strategic guidelines
The strategic priorities are defined by your commune (prices for parents, access conditions, opening times, etc.).

We abide by costs
We abide by an annual overall running cost or a daily cost that we agree with you.

 Reserve places

You can also reserve places within our facilities
We offer you a simple, quick solution with minimal investment so that you can become an attractive commune. Your inhabitants will have preferential access to the network of pop e poppa crèches. We also accept childcare vouchers.

 Our clients

French-speaking Switzerland: Cologny, Vandoeuvres, the 40 communes of the Morges-Aubonne childcare network, Lausanne, the 13 communes of the canton of Fribourg, the 19 member communes of the Intercommunale pour l’Accueil de la Petite Enfance en Glâne (FR)
German-speaking Switzerland: Bern, Zurich

in brief why entrust your childcare facility to
pop e poppa

  • No need to worry about management since pop e poppa takes complete care of running the facility.
  • A facility tailored to your needs, your commune determines the pricing policy and the main HR policy aspects.
  • A professional educational team to support the children.